Saturday, August 23, 2014

In loving memory

Recently two orphans have passed away without families to love them. Although they spent most of their times in cribs they have touched allot of peoples lives through advocating they will be very missed and are very loved. Neither of them will have a funerals they will be buried in an unmarked grave but are finally in heaven healthy and happy. In loving memory of Daniel and Arlene...

Arlene was 6 years old she had cerebral Palsy along with a couple other special needs and was living in an orphange as you can tell from the pictures she was a sweet soul with the most beautiful eyes.

Daniel was 8 years old and was already transferred to an adult mental institution were he laid  in a crib he had Hydrocephaly  and a couple other special needs he had the most beautiful orange hair and a sweet personality.

Thank you God for these two precious children's lives for they have touched many. May they spur us to action and remind us of how our love can really change the world for a child.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brayden needs out ASAP

I don't usually write about young children due to the fact that they're usually chosen pretty quickly but this guy got my attention. Brayden was born with a cleft lip on one side, but no cleft palate, and a heart condition. He also has one eyelid that droops.
 Brayden was born in November of 2012 which means he's 2 going on three pretty soon here. He is known to be a quite little boy who loves listening to music. He loves to toys that make noise and will laugh while playing with them.He is a good sleeper and has begun to have other food with his milk at meal time.

As of September 2013
Brayden could lift up his head while laying on his belly(as seen above),pickup small objects like beans,reach for toys beyond his grasp and move a toy from one hand to the other. he would turn when he heard his name called and express no. he is able to tell the difference between strangers and caregivers and react appropriately to adults facial expressions.
Update from august 2014

Brayden looks smaller than he did in the previous photos I'm not sure if it is due to his cleft lip and he isn't getting proper feeding or his heart condition has gotten worse either way this boy needs out ASAP to get the proper medical treatment he needs.

Brayden's file is currently with WACAP
If you are interested in pursuing Brayden please email for more information. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New fundraiser!!

well since we got no interest on the cutest kid gallery we are now going to try a different fundraiser. For every $2 donated to the Ray Family ( bringing home two awesome older boys with special needs)   you will have your name put in to win a $50 gift card once their account reaches $3,835.06 we will draw a name using so lets get this family funded!! please comment either here or on our Facebook page with the amount you donated.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New rules for cutest kid gallery!

we have changed the rules of the cutest kid gallery to be more open and easy for anyone to enter. the contest is still open from 7/28/14- 8/4/14. To enter, send the child's photo to Sara at the entry fee is $10 payable via paypal using the email make sure to send it as a friends and family payment to avoid extra fees. your child must be 12 or younger to be eligible. Three winners will be chosen at random for gift cards and will be announced 8/5/14

 Photo: New rules check it out :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

cutest baby contest for the Ray family!!

Cutest kid contest to benefit the Ray family open 7/28/14-8/4/14 to enter send your child's photo to the entry fee is $10 payable visa PayPal, using the email make sure to send it as a friends and family payment to avoid extra fees.your child must be 8 years old or younger to be eligible. Photos will be posted on the Jesus' soldiers of prayer Facebook page. Winners will be chosen based on the number of likes per photo. The top 3 will win gift cards based on the number on entries submitted. Winners will be announced on 8/11/14

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help bring an aging out child home!

help bring this boy home to his waiting family
Wesley New
have you ever been through an adoption? If you have know how hard a dossier is to compile but you survived the impossible and now you can stick this to your car and show the world, your badge of honor.

only $5 and you can get them here- Tattoo medals

You can also donate to the family adopting Wesley here and follow their awesome blog-Wesley's family

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


born may 2006
 Cerebral palsy, convergent squint, mental delay
Carolina 2013 (3)Carolina 2013 (1)

from someone who meet her August of 2013-
Carolina is a beautiful girl! She is about 4ft tall and about 50lbs. Her CP affects her mostly from the knees down. She does have cytomegalovirus. This was reconfirmed last year, but we were not able to find out if it is active, or if she merely was exposed while her mother was pregnant with her. CMV does cause brain damage if a baby is exposed in utero, so a family needs to be prepared for that, or for the fact that is IS transmissible when it flares. She is very strong and she does make her likes and dislikes known. Her biggest love is candy…but not chocolate! She likes white chocolate a lot though. She likes dolls, and can undress them herself. She has good use of her hands. She gets around by crawling or knee walking, which is great. Knee walking shows her hips are nice and strong. She loves to “dance.” Dancing, to her, is an adult bouncing her up and down for as long as you can stand to do it. She gets quite unhappy when you stop to take a break. The nannies make her walk a bit while holding onto hands, but her legs and feet are just not able to line up with her being so tight. She is very strong. She loves cell phones and will try to snatch them at any opportunity. A toy cell phone that plays music would be nice for her. She speaks, though it is like a toddler. She repeats the same few things over and over, but she does say a couple other words and used them correctly. She understands much more though and the caretakers speak to her in complete sentences. She just loves to move and bounce and be twirled around. She likes BIG movements. She was very briefly startled by my husband, but quickly discovered he could bounce her around longer and higher than I could…and so she quickly preferred him!
Carolina does have some institutional behaviors that a family needs to be prepared for. Her moods change quickly, and when she gets upset, she can throw herself to the floor, even injuring herself. She will hit, pull hair, etc. if she is upset. She will throw large toys as well. The caretakers love her, but did express that she would likely not engage or interact with kids bigger than her, and would be likely to assert herself over anyone smaller. That is just how life in these places is. Families without small children would be best for her. An involved, hands-on Papa would be ideal, and a trampoline would be out of this world for her.

Carolina is a pretty little girl who would do wonderful in a home without younger children as she is rough and will need allot of attention as she has a lot of institutional behavior. I cannot wait for her mommy and daddy to find her so they can grow out her hair and put bows in it. She is such a treasure and will do great in a family.


SHARING- by sharing either their Reece's Rainbow page or this blog you can tell others about her need for a family.

PRAYING- you can also help by praying for Carolina's health, for the nannies to come to know Jesus and show his love to the kids, for their families to find them in his perfect time, for their orphanage, etc..

GIVING- giving through Reece's rainbow is tax deductible and is very simple. giving to her adoption grant encourages families to commit to her and helps the family cover the high cost of their redemption.

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