Friday, July 18, 2014

Clayton and Caleb

Clayton and Caleb are twin boys born august of 2010
Clayton-cerebral Palsy
Caleb-Flail legs, superior spastic paraplegia, focal symptomatic epilepsy

from someone who meet Caleb in 2013: 
He is in with a much younger group. He goes outside twice daily when it is nice, and this orphanage does physical therapy five times a week. He makes eye contact, but is in his own little world until you talk directly to him. He appears kind of zoned out, and then I said his name and stroked his cheek and his whole body came to life, just longing to be touched and tickled. He arched his back and smiled, but I wasn't allowed to pick him up. He has grown too long for his stroller. I put a Velcro wrist rattle on him and he purposefully moved his left arm to interact with it immediately. He is well nourished there, but he will really need a mama’s touch to help him grow. His teeth look like they are in great shape. He uses his arms, but I did not see him move his legs, though he was certainly wiggling from one side to the other and is a kid who would really like to be on the move! He is not in the same group as his brother. Kids are generally grouped by what they are eating, and his brother was in the group for kids doing formula and purees. I think he may be on only formula still. It was so hard to leave him behind!

31009112817 B

from somebody who meet Clayton in 2013:
 Several days later, I saw who I thought was the same child in a different stroller, but the nannies corrected me when I called him by his brothers name, slowly communicating that this was his twin brother. They look SO much alike! The first day I saw him, he was badly in need of a diaper change and I showed the nannies. He was laying flat on his back in the outdoor playpen, and when I came back to return my daughter to the group, he was still there an hour later, unchanged in diaper and position. The next day I saw him, though, one of the sweet nannies was playing music on her iPod, and he was laying close to her in a stroller. Although he didn't interact with the music, he was very quick to respond to my voice. The second I stopped talking, he stopped smiling and zoned out again. But, he was so responsive to touch and baby talk!  He pushed his body around in the stroller with his legs AND arms, and had a lot of good neck strength. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is only being limited by the assumptions of his diagnosis. As we left our daughter’s group for the last time, we saw him being lovingly carried down to his physical therapy appointment. I think it was a sign of good things to come for these boys!

These boys are sooo cute and their smiles are so sweet they have a amazing personality and all they're missing is a family to give them a chance to thrive. I think these boys will do much better once they given a chance to be outside of their strollers and given the attention they need i bet they will shock the socks of their parents at how amazing they will be.
 these brother currently have a large grant available towards their adoption through Reece's Rainbow here.


SHARING- by sharing either their Reece's Rainbow page or this blog you can tell others about their need for a family.

PRAYING- you can also help by praying for these boys health,for the nannies to come to know Jesus and show his love to the kids, for their families to find them in his perfect time, for their orphanage, ect.

GIVING- giving through Reece's rainbow is tax deductible and is very simple. giving to their adoption grant encourages families to commit to these boys and helps the family cover the high cost of their redemption.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


meet Clark:
2 yrs. old
Generalized disorder in development
now isn't he a cutie and look at that smile!
Clark is walking, pronouncing random sounds, and he even attends daycare! He prefers to play alone tho and has difficulty in social situations. Clark currently has been living in a foster home for over a year and is the oldest out of 4 children placed in the home.

meet Ashton:

born in 2010 Spinal bifida of lumbar area with hydrocephaly;  lower smoldering paraparesis
 This little cutie will be turning 4 years old next month! can we make it his last year without a family? this brave boy has started to walk with support and is a smart, nice boy very loved  by everyone in the orphanage. He has a grant available through Reece's rainbow towards his adoption.

meet Brandon:
born in 2011 multiple and large nevus on his body
I don't get why this little pumpkin is still waiting his medical condition is easy to handle.Brandon is a brave little boy who is not afraid of strangers. he loves to smile and he is known to have an  extroverted personality. After he entered the institute, he received meticulous care. He isn't known to cry often and his sleeping condition is very good. His daily life is one of routine and his life habits are very good. He also has a grant available towards his adoption through Reece's Rainbow.

meet Ezra:
 born in 2011 congenital internal hydrocephalus operated;  anemia;  protein-energy deficiency
Ezra May 2013 (2)

awww, look at that sweet smile :) Ezra is absolutely precious! He is sweet and adorable and oh so lovable!  He laughs when his toes are tickled, or when someone around him laughs or talks or sings to him. He often smiles or laughs so hard his chubby cheeks make his eyes close. He has learned to blow spit bubbles and coo. It is hard  to tell if he is able to use his limbs normally, but he is able to move from his back to his side with little or no assistance. He has not yet learned to play with toys, but he has a very strong grip and enjoys holding fingers. He can see, but not very  well someone who visited him in 2013 observed his eyes moving rapidly from side to side, and sometimes appearing to be looking in two different directions. In spite of this there were other times in which he appeared to be quite focused and looking right at us. Ezra has a 2,000+ grant available towards his adoption through Reece's rainbow.

All these children listed above are looking for their forever family and are currently listed on reece's rainbow.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Doug needs a family he was raised by his birth family for the first 16 months of his life then he was moved to a baby house for 7 months then he was moved again a month before his third birthday to a mental institution. Doug has moderate mental delays with no known cause. He walks and runs and climbs on objects. His visual-motor skills are developed but he still has difficulty with fine motor tasks. His speech is delayed and he is not talking at this time.  He has recently begun showing an interest in toys and playing with them. He spends time each day in the sensory room. He does not like for the staff to try to direct his activities and prefers to do his own thing. He does play appropriately with toys and manipulates them in the correct ways.  His favorite toys are balls, blocks, cars and trucks.  He recognizes staff members and smiles at them.  He seeks out interactions with them and will cuddle with them too.  He tries to get them to follow him and to engage them in whatever activity he is doing. He doesn’t yet seek out any interaction with the other children.   He eats from a spoon and drinks from a cup with some assistance from the staff.

At 27 months of age, his skill level was tested at:
motor skills- 2 years
speech development- 5-6 months
cognitive development: 10-12 months 

Doug needs out it sounds to me like his moderate delays are a cause of him being in a mental institution from the age of three he would do great in a family and has a grant through Reece's rainbow- 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

meet the Obenauf family

  Zola Photo 2 Apr-2013
 Stephani has always wanted to be a mother. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would have a big family and at least some of her children would arrive through adoption. She thought her family was going to be starting in 2009, when she found out she was pregnant. Sadly, God had other plans and her daughter Emma was stillborn.
Stephani found Reece’s Rainbow in 2011, through a friend that was adopting, She would spend hours looking at the children, reading their stories, hoping that soon, the time would be right to adopt. When a friend posted about “Zola”, Stephani knew instantly that hits little girl was meant to be her daughter.
Stephani was raised by a single parent and understands the struggles that lie ahead but knows that with God’s blessing and the love and support of her family, she is ready to provide “Zola” with a bright and happy future.
the Obenauf family has a blog where you can follow the adoption -
If you would like to donate to help cover the cost of Zolas adoption you can donate here or through a widget on the right hand side of her blog.
you can also help by advocating, meaning you share her need by sharing her blog, this blog, or the Reece's Rainbow family sponsorship page.

You can also pray for the adoption that the paperwork would go smoothly and that Zola would be kept Healthy and loved until she travels.

FUNDRAISERS going on for the Obenauf family-

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Sunday, February 9, 2014


meet Anthony


Anthony was born May of 2003 and is a orphan with HIV. HIV  you can learn more about HIV on  Project hopeful and Positively orphaned and this blog has a great post about a life with a child who has HIV
Anthony has seen three of his friends get adopted and three families have meet him and say he is a sweet and  quiet boy who is very small for his age which makes him prey for other kids to freely beat him. Anthony is also Roma which means people look down on him. Anthony needs out and there is currently an adoption grant of  $1,504 and growing on Reece's Rainbow.

there is a blog post about a family who recently adopted from the orphanage Anthony is at

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

meet the Ray family!!!

the Ray family
 Adam_Aug 2013
David 2013 (2)After bringing Micah (RR) home in 2011, Barry and Shelly thought their family was complete. They were content with their four Littles running all over the house, happy, healthy and thriving (and their two Bigs out of the house). Then Shelly’s dear friend posted another “find his mama” post about Grant, whom Shelly had noticed and prayed over for the past three years. But for some reason, this day in November was different. She felt a strong gut-punch telling her to go for him. A few days later, another family committed to him and she thought she was off the hook. But the Holy Spirit kept telling her to go back for another child. She told Barry, and once he was on board, it was full steam ahead! At first they thought they’d go back to Ukraine, adopting another very young boy with Down syndrome, but they didn’t feel called to one specific child, so they decided they would do a blind referral this time. They had it in their heads how it would go, and they were SOOO excited to return to Ukraine because they left half their hearts there in 2011. It’s funny how God is in control because a couple weeks after that, Shelly noticed “Adam” and inquired about him and his country. Once they saw his videos, they knew he was their son!
Several weeks later, they found “David” and also felt drawn to him immediately. They are so excited to bring the boys home in 2014, and their current children are also very excited.

I'm very excited to share I'm their family warrior which means your going to see a lot about this family.
 you can follow them at their blog. They currently have a fundraiser and  T-shirts are $18 including shipping. Hoodies are $28 including shipping. All shirts are black and t-shirts are crew neck.Go to there blog to learn more or donate yourself at Reece's Rainbow.
I hope to have a fundraiser for this amazing family so check back soon!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the Hudson family!

meet the Hudson family who are in the process of adopting this cutie and possibly one other child!

Oliver 2

July 2013 marked the 15th wedding anniversary of Jon and Christella Hudson, and 18 truly wonderful years together! At the ages of 17 and 15, they met and have been inseparable since! God has blessed their marriage with love, acceptance, support, patience, forgiveness, and friendship. They are a Kentucky couple with a burden on their hearts for orphans. God placed that burden in their lives through orphan aid trips to El Salvador. They believe the Bible clearly gives all Christians a mandate to care for orphans, and that He has provided adoption as the best means for their family to obey this command. They love children, especially the little ones He has already entrusted in their care: 9-year-old and 5-year-old daughters, and a 3-year-old son born in South Korea.
The Hudson’s also believe a loving and nurturing family environment is the most conducive to allowing children to become caring, responsible citizens who make the world a better place. They say, “The Bible shows us from the very beginning that God intended for human beings to be in a family where they received love, support, and companionship. There are simply too many children in this world without families and homes. We have decided we cannot sit by and do nothing when we have the love of Christ in our hearts, and the commission to share Him with the world. We have a close-knit family where we understand love is not biological.” God is blessing their family again through a match with a beautiful 3-year-old boy currently living in China! Oliver has stolen their entire families hearts, as well as their friends and church family. He has the special need of albinism, which the Hudson’s have thoroughly researched. They feel their family can provide all the help his special need requires, and are ready to have him in their arms!!
Since making their decision to adopt, they hit the ground running on fundraising. A job change this year significantly lessened their income, but the Lord is showing His provision regardless. They currently need to raise about $18,000, and are working on their 5th and 6th fundraiser events. More information can be found at The Hudson’s would like to express their sincere appreciation to anyone considering donating toward their adoption expenses!!
follow this families adoption journey at or donate to help them cover the cost of their child's redemption at