Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I know there isn't a lot of people that check this blog and that's okay. I don't do this to make money or become popular or some how famous. I do this cause I'm an advocate for this kids with special needs that need a home in this country or a different one. You might think I don't know what I'm getting into I'm only 15 after all to be honest I probably don't.All I know is there's these kids who do not have a family to tell them they are loved and that they matter. These kids don't have a family who take them to therapy or holds their hand through doctors visits.All because they have special needs most of these kids don't have a family and I think this is wrong and i will not stop blogging until they all have a family to tuck them in at night. Cause if just one of these kids find a family its worth it to me.

So without farther to do meet Ashley I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put her picture on my blog so I linked her name to my blog for you to see her smiling face yourself. Yes Ashley is a teenage girl that  has down syndrome  but she doesn't let that limit her. she is currently in high school and participates in life skill classes she also participates in special classes for music, art and physical education. she loves to listen to pop music some of her favorites are Selena,Justin Bieber, Chris brown, and Drake. She also likes to color, practicing her writing through notes to her friends, going out to eat and shopping.Ashley loves to meet new people but is working on appropriate personal boundaries. she does best with a scheduled routine so she knows what to expect. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

orphanage 50

Orphanage 50 has a foundation called Maya's hope helping the kids out at the orphanage Most of theses kids have physical or mental disabilities most of them abandoned at the hospital by their mothers then moved to a orphanage considered out casts to society, but we know they are precious and are wanted.This organization helps these precious children by providing caregivers who are mothers to these children who would else have hardly any human contact. So I would like to highlight two of these kids for you today they deserve there chance at a family and I hate to see them wait until they finally get on the aging out page on Reece's Rainbow before everyone rallies because the thing is they need families NOW! so I hope u fall in love them like I have...

 Dillon is just the cutest!! He had a family but sadly they couldn't adopt him but look at that smile who wouldn't want to see that every day? no one that's who lol!! Still have't fallen in love??? hmmmm, maybe this would help

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:    Dillon loves cuddles and attention. He also loves getting his photo taken with other people, then takes his own “photos” with his hand. He grabs you and says “cheee” and takes a selfie with his hand. So adorable!  He has a killer laugh.  He is smart and helps out the caregivers.  He doesn't speak but verbalizes sounds and makes his needs known. He will be a lovely son.
dillon2014-1 From a family who visited with him in 2014:  In all my interaction and time with Dillon, I never saw the slightest sign that he was aggressive or had the ability to hit children. In fact, out of all the boys there, Dillon is the most gentle, softhearted, and kind. I did see some horse play and pinching between the other boys, but never Dillon. Dillon is calm, extremely happy, and joyful, and very soft and slow with his movements.
From another family who met him:
He is beautiful! absolutely a treasure. a teddy bear my hubby says. When he first met me, he kissed my hand to say hello, and then he kissed (my husband’s) hand.  He has a beautiful smile! We visited him again later that night. He gave me a huge hug. He just wraps his arms around you very tight! He is quiet, but sat next to me and loves to spend time with you. Today, when we arrived and gave the kids cookies, he was so happy. We have a video where he sets down what he has in one hand just to say hello to the camera. He is full of smiles. When we left, I went up to him and he put the world’s hugest smile on his face and put his arms out in a straight “t”, armed and ready for a tight hug! An absolute treasure is the best way to describe him He is more than that.  He loves to play soccer. He runs and plays and laughs. He will be a huge blessing to a family! Also very gentle! 
he can be seen in this video from Maya's hope from 18 seconds to 20 seconds were you can see his million dollar smile so check it out!! And if that isn't enough to convince you that this boy is your son he also has a $3,000 plus adoption grant with Reece's Rainbow!! Wow that's a blessing and its growing due to his awesome Christmas tree warrior which begins November 1st  follow his link to check out his warriors progress in the fight to get $1,000 more added to his account by Christmas and make sure to donate yourself.

Well now that I've got You warmed up with cuteness hold onto your seat cause this girl will steal your heart for sure like she has millions of others. Meet little Kendall who was born in January of 2006 she  is a true orphan meaning her mother has passed away I'm not sure if this means she used to live with her mom or she was given up at the hospital either way tho kendall deserves a family to love her.
From someone who met her in August 2014:
 she is a total sweetheart. She loves being picked up, held and tickled. She can stand with support but her feet don’t sit flat on the ground. She needs a family who can get her the therapy she needs. She responds to the caregivers she has a bond with, she will pull herself along the ground to get to them. Her giggle is precious. She really is an amazing little girl who would light up her families life.

from someone else who met her
She was gorgeous, when I spent time with her she had been taken into the playroom by a caretaker and she was lapping up every single second, she couldn't stop laughing and grinning; it was a joy to watch! when I compare to pictures I received of her later in her cot it does not look like the same child! She needs a life and love, she could bloom, I know it!

It sounds to me like she is a very happy child who loves any attention she gets.She sure sounds like a sweet heart who would probably do well in any home and will  need therapy once she gets home. I cannot wait for little kendall to find her family and be loved.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

In loving memory

Recently two orphans have passed away without families to love them. Although they spent most of their times in cribs they have touched allot of peoples lives through advocating they will be very missed and are very loved. Neither of them will have a funerals they will be buried in an unmarked grave but are finally in heaven healthy and happy. In loving memory of Daniel and Arlene...

Arlene was 6 years old she had cerebral Palsy along with a couple other special needs and was living in an orphange as you can tell from the pictures she was a sweet soul with the most beautiful eyes.

Daniel was 8 years old and was already transferred to an adult mental institution were he laid  in a crib he had Hydrocephaly  and a couple other special needs he had the most beautiful orange hair and a sweet personality.

Thank you God for these two precious children's lives for they have touched many. May they spur us to action and remind us of how our love can really change the world for a child.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brayden needs out ASAP

I don't usually write about young children due to the fact that they're usually chosen pretty quickly but this guy got my attention. Brayden was born with a cleft lip on one side, but no cleft palate, and a heart condition. He also has one eyelid that droops.
 Brayden was born in November of 2012 which means he's 2 going on three pretty soon here. He is known to be a quite little boy who loves listening to music. He loves to toys that make noise and will laugh while playing with them.He is a good sleeper and has begun to have other food with his milk at meal time.

As of September 2013
Brayden could lift up his head while laying on his belly(as seen above),pickup small objects like beans,reach for toys beyond his grasp and move a toy from one hand to the other. he would turn when he heard his name called and express no. he is able to tell the difference between strangers and caregivers and react appropriately to adults facial expressions.
Update from august 2014

Brayden looks smaller than he did in the previous photos I'm not sure if it is due to his cleft lip and he isn't getting proper feeding or his heart condition has gotten worse either way this boy needs out ASAP to get the proper medical treatment he needs.

Brayden's file is currently with WACAP
If you are interested in pursuing Brayden please email for more information. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New fundraiser!!

well since we got no interest on the cutest kid gallery we are now going to try a different fundraiser. For every $2 donated to the Ray Family ( bringing home two awesome older boys with special needs)   you will have your name put in to win a $50 gift card once their account reaches $3,835.06 we will draw a name using so lets get this family funded!! please comment either here or on our Facebook page with the amount you donated.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New rules for cutest kid gallery!

we have changed the rules of the cutest kid gallery to be more open and easy for anyone to enter. the contest is still open from 7/28/14- 8/4/14. To enter, send the child's photo to Sara at the entry fee is $10 payable via paypal using the email make sure to send it as a friends and family payment to avoid extra fees. your child must be 12 or younger to be eligible. Three winners will be chosen at random for gift cards and will be announced 8/5/14

 Photo: New rules check it out :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

cutest baby contest for the Ray family!!

Cutest kid contest to benefit the Ray family open 7/28/14-8/4/14 to enter send your child's photo to the entry fee is $10 payable visa PayPal, using the email make sure to send it as a friends and family payment to avoid extra fees.your child must be 8 years old or younger to be eligible. Photos will be posted on the Jesus' soldiers of prayer Facebook page. Winners will be chosen based on the number of likes per photo. The top 3 will win gift cards based on the number on entries submitted. Winners will be announced on 8/11/14