Sunday, February 9, 2014


meet Anthony


Anthony was born May of 2003 and is a orphan with HIV. HIV  you can learn more about HIV on  Project hopeful and Positively orphaned and this blog has a great post about a life with a child who has HIV
Anthony has seen three of his friends get adopted and three families have meet him and say he is a sweet and  quiet boy who is very small for his age which makes him prey for other kids to freely beat him. Anthony is also Roma which means people look down on him. Anthony needs out and there is currently an adoption grant of  $1,504 and growing on Reece's Rainbow.

there is a blog post about a family who recently adopted from the orphanage Anthony is at

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

meet the Ray family!!!

the Ray family
 Adam_Aug 2013
David 2013 (2)After bringing Micah (RR) home in 2011, Barry and Shelly thought their family was complete. They were content with their four Littles running all over the house, happy, healthy and thriving (and their two Bigs out of the house). Then Shelly’s dear friend posted another “find his mama” post about Grant, whom Shelly had noticed and prayed over for the past three years. But for some reason, this day in November was different. She felt a strong gut-punch telling her to go for him. A few days later, another family committed to him and she thought she was off the hook. But the Holy Spirit kept telling her to go back for another child. She told Barry, and once he was on board, it was full steam ahead! At first they thought they’d go back to Ukraine, adopting another very young boy with Down syndrome, but they didn’t feel called to one specific child, so they decided they would do a blind referral this time. They had it in their heads how it would go, and they were SOOO excited to return to Ukraine because they left half their hearts there in 2011. It’s funny how God is in control because a couple weeks after that, Shelly noticed “Adam” and inquired about him and his country. Once they saw his videos, they knew he was their son!
Several weeks later, they found “David” and also felt drawn to him immediately. They are so excited to bring the boys home in 2014, and their current children are also very excited.

I'm very excited to share I'm their family warrior which means your going to see a lot about this family.
 you can follow them at their blog. They currently have a fundraiser and  T-shirts are $18 including shipping. Hoodies are $28 including shipping. All shirts are black and t-shirts are crew neck.Go to there blog to learn more or donate yourself at Reece's Rainbow.
I hope to have a fundraiser for this amazing family so check back soon!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the Hudson family!

meet the Hudson family who are in the process of adopting this cutie and possibly one other child!

Oliver 2

July 2013 marked the 15th wedding anniversary of Jon and Christella Hudson, and 18 truly wonderful years together! At the ages of 17 and 15, they met and have been inseparable since! God has blessed their marriage with love, acceptance, support, patience, forgiveness, and friendship. They are a Kentucky couple with a burden on their hearts for orphans. God placed that burden in their lives through orphan aid trips to El Salvador. They believe the Bible clearly gives all Christians a mandate to care for orphans, and that He has provided adoption as the best means for their family to obey this command. They love children, especially the little ones He has already entrusted in their care: 9-year-old and 5-year-old daughters, and a 3-year-old son born in South Korea.
The Hudson’s also believe a loving and nurturing family environment is the most conducive to allowing children to become caring, responsible citizens who make the world a better place. They say, “The Bible shows us from the very beginning that God intended for human beings to be in a family where they received love, support, and companionship. There are simply too many children in this world without families and homes. We have decided we cannot sit by and do nothing when we have the love of Christ in our hearts, and the commission to share Him with the world. We have a close-knit family where we understand love is not biological.” God is blessing their family again through a match with a beautiful 3-year-old boy currently living in China! Oliver has stolen their entire families hearts, as well as their friends and church family. He has the special need of albinism, which the Hudson’s have thoroughly researched. They feel their family can provide all the help his special need requires, and are ready to have him in their arms!!
Since making their decision to adopt, they hit the ground running on fundraising. A job change this year significantly lessened their income, but the Lord is showing His provision regardless. They currently need to raise about $18,000, and are working on their 5th and 6th fundraiser events. More information can be found at The Hudson’s would like to express their sincere appreciation to anyone considering donating toward their adoption expenses!!
follow this families adoption journey at or donate to help them cover the cost of their child's redemption at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Davis Family and more!

This little cutie has been waiting since I found Reece's rainbow and I don't understand why I mean look at him!


James is healthy besides his Down syndrome, he was born in  May of 2011 which would make him 2!

there are some rules for adopting James
  • Single heterosexual parents may adopt
  • No family size restrictions
  • Both parents must travel to the country and stay until completion of adoption — approx 5-7 weeks (one parent may leave after a week or two)
  • Estimated total cost $21,000-24,500
  • Multiple unrelated children may be adopted together                                                            

James also has a $5,833.62 grant thought Reece's Rainbow!

MI (1)

 born Sept 1999 Cerebral palsy, deep mental handicap, hydrocephaly, complete vascular leukoma, corneal staphyloma, inborn optic atrophy
This child is rather calm, but always smiles when somebody touches him, and always tries to walk with somebody’s support. 
MI (2) From a family who met him in June 2013:   I met Blaine today. When I arrived at the orphanage he was being stretched by the therapist. He seemed to really like the therapist and would crawl to him and hold up his hands so that he could stand up. He can walk if you hold both his hands, and I saw him in a gait trainer, too. It’s very difficult for him to walk as he doesn’t seem to be able to fully straighten his legs. Blaine smiles a lot and seemed to be a pretty happy kid. He did get mad about something and have a tantrum, but it passed quickly. He rocks a lot and makes repetitive noises. He came over to sit by me and took my hand from another child’s so he could hold it. He was very interested in my iPhone.
From someone who met him: He was a bundle of smiles, just desperate to interact with us. [One of the men] picked him up and swung him, they obviously have built up a relationship and he shrieked with laughter…it was joyous! He was made to sit next to Tania for a picture, she hated it but he was just fine! He would blossom in a family and with a life!
Here is $75 in adoption grant money towards his adoption.
Blaine sounds like a happy child who would be great in a family. He does have some institutional behaviors but I think that's just from a lack of love and maybe him being bored it could probably be corrected if he was in a family.It also sounds like he will need therapy for his Cerebral Palsy  and he has vision problems which will also need to be addressed when he gets home.I love his smile In the picture above, he needs a family right away as he is already 14.

 meet the Davis family who are in the process of adopting Steven ,Taylor and Katie met at Brigham Young University on the very first day of college as freshmen. After a couple of really fun years dating and Taylor serving a mission for the LDS church, they were married in August of 2005. They have four incredible children ages 7, 5, 3, and 1, and are excited to make it five. Katie is a stay-at-home mom and loves it. Taylor works as a Statistician at KLAS Research. As a family the Davises are happiest when they are spending time together. For the past few years Taylor and Katie have felt that adoption would be part of their family’s story and they are thankful for the experiences they are having as they work to make Steven part of their family. They have already learned a lot from their adoption journey and they love this little boy and look forward to their future with him.
you can follow their adoption journey at :
The Davis family only has $19.40 in their adoption grant on Reece's rainbow can we get that number up they already have their Dossier submitted?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A late merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and remembered the birth of Jesus Christ. Today  I want everyone to meet a cute little boy who spent four years in an orphanage he has spent Christmas alone can we make this the last year in an orphanage?

Click on the names to learn more!


Heinrich was born in 2009 with Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, features of autism, farsightedness, atopic dermatitis, functional heart murmur, hydrocephalus. Due to a difficult birth, he was born with pneumonia, and incubated for a few days.

His development is delayed; he recently started to walk without help, but not yet steady. Emotions are weak, play activity is primitive, throws away toys, turns them around, puts into the mouth, sucks his fingers, makes stereotypic movements with his head, swings.
He’s not yet speaking, and it’s possible he has a hearing delay.  He eats with help, does not yet holds a spoon or the bottle, still it is hard for him to chew a hard food. The level of understanding is low, does not have motivation to make an activity.
It sounds like to me he needs a mommy and daddy to reach his full potential. He probably is not getting the attention he needs.
Heinrich has a $1,434 dollars in grant money from Reece's rainbow
Will you please pray for Heinrich, that he would he loved and cared for by the nannies, that he would not get sick, that the nannies would come to know the love of  Jesus, that others would see his need for a family and donate and advocate for him, that his future family would come quickly.

Next meet the Mellor family, they are in the process of adopting this sweetie who has congential defects of development. 
from their Reece's Rainbow family sponsoring page
Matt and Betsy are a Christian couple who LOVE being parents and are so excited about their family growing! They appreciate so much the work that Reece’s Rainbow does to match up families. While it is certainly a blessing to the children, Matt and Betsy know firsthand that parents receive the lion’s share of the blessings when a child is born into a family through adoption. They are so anxious to bring sweet Maia home and have their family all together!
Matt and Betsy have been married for 15 years. God has blessed them with 2 biological sons, Timothy and Titus, and one adopted daughter, Anne. Anne can’t wait to have a sister! Every night she prays for a sister to share “bump” (bunk) beds with. How exciting that her prayer is being answered! Home is down the street from Betsy’s parents and grandparents and they spend a lot of time with extended family. Everyone is thrilled about Maia and can’t wait to have her home.
Faith is an important part of family life and Matt and Betsy regularly spend time in worship and socially with friends from church. The congregation they attend has many families with children and Maia will be welcomed with open arms by her church family.
Can we please get their adoption grant larger they only have about $50 in adoption grant money and they are traveling to meet their daughter on January 21st. Will you please donate to their adoption grant to help them cover the cost of her redemption? will you please pray for their safety and health as they travel? will you pray for their little girl to know she is loved and to stay healthy as they meet her? Or  will you do nothing?

Monday, December 16, 2013

i wish

Most teens my age wish for a boyfriend/girlfriend, phones , clothes , money, not me. I could have one wish I would wish I was 25 and able to adopt.It is so hard advocating for children you have come to love when you know by the time you are able to adopt the children you fell in love with would have aged out, died, or possibly be in families. So without farther to do meet the children I wish were mine. All these children are currently waiting for families click on their names to learn more.
                                                            MY WISH LIST
   Linny 3
Todd 2010 (1)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

thank you!

thank you to all who have gotten Greta's adoption grant up $18,594.85 which means $90.45 has been donated. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED I will be doing fundraisers to get her grant to $20,000 and this guys account up to 5,000


Boy, Born January 14, 2005
Little Vitaly is so handsome, with his dark hair and eyes!   Vitaly was born with CP and is not able to walk at this time.    He is moderately cognitively delayed, but will regress every day he is in this place.  He is already living in an institution, and he needs to be rescued desperately.   Otherwise he will never have a chance to walk, never have the opportunity for surgery or therapy. Vitaly has $100 as a adoption grant.

Vitaly and Greta are in the same institution, but Vitaly is bedridden so he is in a different room.
I am hoping to get his grant up to so they can be adopted together and there would be no more children at this institution available for international adoption.

Please continue to donate to Greta's grant and Vitally's adoption grant, I will have fundraiser soon I promise.

Don't forget Noel
Jesus' soldiers of prayer

Yes this is a picture of a nine year old girl.



Boy, born August 2010
Spinal bifida of lumbar area with hydrocephaly;  lower smoldering paraparesis
An adorable grin on Ashton! Ashton has an adoption grant of $1,786.50 on Reece's Rainbow.


Cowan family

Chris and Amy have been blessed in their marriage and have 9 wonderful kids, Britney, 24, Pam, 22, Sierra, 14, Ainslee, 11, Kara, 8, Reagan, 6, Lawson, 5, Hadley, 3, and Jackson, 2. Chris is a farmer and Amy is blessed to be able to stay home and take care of her family. Since they both came from a large family, they love and appreciate having a large family. Although they had thought about adopting for several years, when God blessed them with Hadley, they knew they wanted to adopt another child with Down Syndrome. After praying and searching, the whole Cowan family fell in love with Catherine from China. She is a beautiful three year old girl with an amazing smile!
Please support them by praying for Catherine, who will be called Annabelle. Pray for her safety and health. Pray that the process goes smoothly and quickly, so they can get their daughter/sister home! Thank you!

The Cowan family is adopting  Catherine, a little girl with down syndrome, would you please sponsor the adoption of this cute little girl? the family is has Dossier en route right now and are traveling soon.